Babujan the Ghost and Friends

24,95 EUR
Illustrator: Ana Razpotnik Donati
Series: Miškolinke
Number of pages: 56
Format: 150 mm x 215 mm x 13 mm
EAN: 978-961-272-165-7
Publishing date: 2014
Country: Slovenia
Covers: hardcover
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A story for family reading and beginner readers that teaches tolerance toward children who are different. A group of children wants to play in a deserted old villa, but quickly lose their nerve. Peter, however, is blind and does not understand that he should not play there with his ball. Soon, someone kindly approaches him and introduces himself as Babujan the ghost. Peter does not seem scared at all, which baffles all the other children. Peter takes them inside the villa and introduces them to Babujan. The children discover, much to their surprise, that the ghost is friendly and will let them play in the villa. Babujan also tells them stories about his relatives and about the family that used to live in the villa. The children realize that Peter is no different than they are, and accept him into the group.